When You’re a Parent With Diabetes

... A Real Life Guide to Staying Healthy While Raising a Family

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"When You're a Parent with Diabetes" is a real life guide for people with diabetes who are interested in starting a family, or who are working to balance the care of their kids with their own self-care. Topics covered include deciding on pregnancy and/or adoption, preparing for parenthood, answering your children's questions about your diabetes, parenting through -and after- a tough insulin reaction, and maintaining motivation during a time in your life when your children require so much of your time and energy. With quotes and advice from other moms and dads with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, the book reassures you that you are not alone in your struggles to parent with diabetes.

"The book is at once personal and prescriptive, providing equal measures of practical information, support, and inspiration." - Peter Van Etten, President and CEO of the JDRF

"It's down-to-earth practical and articulate as well! To me, it was a great reminder that none of us is alone in this thing."Amy Tenderich, Diabetes Mine

Many thanks to the over 150 people who completed one (or more!) interviews via this website. Your feedback and input was invaluable.

I am also tremendously grateful to the professionals who gave their time to be interviewed, to review content, and to contribute to the book. I am especially grateful to:

Florence Brown, MD (Joslin Diabetes Center)
Jane K. Dickinson, RN, PhD, CDE (Yampa Valley Medical Center)
Suzanne Ghiloni, RN (Joslin Diabetes Center)
Anne Goebbel-Fabbri, PhD (Joslin Diabetes Center)
Dina Prus, MD (Summit Medical Group)
Robin Goland, MD (Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center)
Jen Wyckoff, MD (Joslin Diabetes Center)
Mona Gabbay, MD
Kathryn Jakobcin, Esq.

Kathryn Gregorio Palmer has had type 1 diabetes for 20 years and is mom to 2 young boys. Publishing this book has been a dream of hers for years, and is now made possible by The Ascensia Dream Fund,® an annual contest from Bayer Healthcare designed to recognize efforts in self-management by people with diabetes.